Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updates to this blog...

Welcome to the (temporary?) home of my Ganymeder writing blog. Basically, my blog at ganymeder.com may disappear at the end of this month due to some technical and financial problems with our previous bloghost. With this in mind, I'm preparing this as a backup blog to post my #FridayFlash and links to my other work until things get straightened out.

If things get straightened out before then, you can still find my work at the 52/250 flash site, or you can follow me for updates via my Twitter and Facebook accounts. My podcast, My Writing Niche, will be updated at both blogs (unless, of course, the ganymeder.com one goes bust). I will include, in the meantime, links to my previous episodes.

My Writing Niche:

Episode 27: Adventures in Ergonomics

Episode 26: Alternate Writing Tools

Episode 25: Wrapping up a serial

Episode 24: Random Ramblings

Episode 23: Community

Episode 22: The Ups & Downs of Series

Episode 21: Collaboration

Episode 20: Fear and Revision

Episode 19: Short Stories Past and Present

Episode 18 - New books, new projects, & new experiences

Episode #17 - Ebooks, Paperbacks, and Indie Booksellers

Episode #16 - Starting the New Year

Episode #15 - End of the Year Reflections

Episode #14 - Series or Serials?

Episode #13 - Comparisons

Episode #12 - What to do *after* Nanowrimo!

Episode #11: Nanowrimo Kudos!

Episode #10: Nanowrimo -The End is Nigh!

Episode #9: Nanowrimo Week Four - The Final Stretch!

Episode #8: Nanowrimo: Week Three - Getting over the hump!

Episode #7: Nanowrimo: Week Two - The Sophomore Slump!

*earlier episodes recorded with different podcast host*

Episode #6: Nanowrimo - Week One!

Episode #5: One more week til Nanowrimo!**

Episode #4 Pre-Nano Planning, Meetups and Finding Time**

Episode #3 Pre-Nano ramblings and Plotting versus Pantsing**

Episode #2: #Spoken Sunday & Non Tech Tools for Nanowrimo

Episode #1: Only One Month until Nanowrimo!

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